Big D’s Hands

Noted in Nashville Big D's HandsBig D’s Hands

This is Big D . . . his hands anyway.  Big D always says that God made him out of spare parts.  He has big hands, which is good because my whole world rests in them.  You’ll see a lot of these hands on this blog.

I’m sharing only this part of him for now.  I’ve always been stingy with him like that.  My family and friends met him for the first time months after we were married.  For that brief time in our life together, he was nobody’s in-law.  Nobody’s friend’s boyfriend.  Nobody’s news.  Nobody’s business.  And I liked it that way.

These hands have written the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life.  They play guitar.  They build guitars.  They fix guitars.  They fix pies.  They fix my broken heart from time to time.  And they write . . . maybe better than I do.

I’ll share more of him soon.  Maybe an elbow or the tip of his nose.

-Anita, Noted in Nashville

**Photo by my friend Melissa.  See her info. on the About page.


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