Poco a Poco

Word of the Week Noted in Nashville

poco a poco – little by little; gradually – used as a direction in music

poco a poco:  Merriam-Webster.  Definitions retrieved June 23, 2012, from: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/poco+a+poco?show=0&t=1343050540

Word of the Week Noted in Nashville

Noted in Nashville HeadshotIt’s hard for me to rethink musical terms as a writer rather than a piano and voice teacher.  I want to demonstrate what this word means on piano.  I want to conduct and use hand gestures to help make the term stick.  I want to point it out on your sheet music.  Below is my attempt at using this word I’ve known since I was a little girl in a new way.:

Richard hadn’t always been cruel.  Lona remembered the quiet Sundays – soft eyes, soft skin, shared in the morning hours.  She knew, even then, he did not love her.  But on those days she willed his anger away; willed Gabriela away.  Her will was all that was left of those Sundays, but it was fading poco a poco – softer now than his eyes had ever been.

 – Anita, Noted in Nashville


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