Musician’s Musicians: Bill Still Brings a Lovely Day

Bill Withers Featured on Noted in NashvilleBill Still Brings a Lovely Day

“Dadgummitah!  Who is he, and what is he to you?” 

I wish I knew how to answer this question.  I find it difficult to talk about Bill Wither’s music.  No one speaks for Bill better than Bill, and his songs have cogent qualities that need no explanation.  His music is wrapped in dozens of our most infrangible memories and gossamer feelings – wrapped in my memories and feelings.

Still Bill is a documentary on You Tube which reminds us of who he still is, and what he still means to us, twenty seven years after leaving the music industry.  “Hello like before.”  This film invites us into his family life and personal history.  It attempts to answer why Bill hasn’t recorded or performed since 1985; something of which even he doesn’t seem entirely sure.  We learn how his career began, and what caused him to walk away – stories that will strengthen your respect for him and his music.

Some of the most touching moments in this film are those between Bill and his daughter.  As a singer and songwriter, she is struggling to find the place where her music can live a life of its own.

Is there a duller cliché than “you will laugh, you will cry”?  But you will.  I’m just sayin’ is all.  What I can’t seem to say is why Bill’s music has such strong resonance with me – still.  So, I’ll just shut up and let him do the talking.  “You just can’t pass it away – like some silly fashion.  Oh, it’s love.  And love comes eager to stay.”

– Anita, Noted in Nashville

Withers, Bill.  “Lovely Day.”  Menagerie.  Columbia.  1977.
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Withers, Bill.  “You Just Can’t Smile it Away.”  Watching You Watching Me.  Columbia.   1985.

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