It’s Fun to Have a Word

Word of the Week Noted in NashvilleIt’s Fun to Have a Word

Every time I post a Word of the Week, I think of a scene from Cheaper by the Dozen 2. :

Jimmy (Eugene Levy):  “So Tom, I read a while back you quit the head coaching gig at Illinois Poly.  What was that all about?”

Tom (Steve Martin):  “Well, that job was taking up a lot of hours and I wanted to spend more time with the family.”

Sarina (Carmen Electra):  “Kudos!”

Tom:  “Thank you.”

Sarina:  “That’s my word for the day.”

Kate (Bonnie Hunt):  “Oh, how fun.  It’s fun to have a word.”

Word of the Week Noted in NashvilleI know nobody reads this part of my blog.  I know nobody cares what word I’m learning this week.  I know I can bloggedy, bloggedy, blog all the live-long day and nobody will notice.  Okay, no problem.  But besides doing everything I can to improve as a writer, I have a goal.  One day I will beat Big D at a game of Scrabble.  Until then, the Word of the Week stays.

 – Anita, Noted in Nashville


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