Singer/Songwriter Julie Gribble: Taking Her Chance to Start Again in Nashville

Noted in Nashville features Julie GribbleNashville Singer/Songwriter Julie Gribble

I’ll be honest.  I haven’t even met Julie Gribble in person.  She and I have exchanged emails for the past few months, trying to come together on a project for a local radio station.  That’s what you do here in Nashville.  You throw all your noodles against the wall, and see what sticks.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find people who will stick with you in the process.

That’s what I love most about songwriters.  We are a community within a community.  Songwriters are generous with their time, talent, and experience.  I have found that the very best songwriters are also the biggest-hearted, and Julie has not spoiled my paradigm.

Julie’s website declares, “It’s all about the journey.”  After a gig in Nashville more than five years ago, her journey finally led her to move to Music City.  But Julie keeps her bags packed and her guitar in tow; touring and performing every chance she gets.  Looking at her calendar, I am exhausted just reading about her journey.  It’s more of a trek really.

But as hard as Julie works, her music doesn’t sound like hard work.  Her sound is as easy and assuring as her smile.  When Julie emailed me her song “Good at the Leaving” from her latest CD, I instantly connected with it.  I emailed back in excitement, “This is great!   . . . Norah Jones and Dido meet country.  But all you!”

-Anita, Noted in Nashville

For more information on Julie, including ways to purchase her music, please visit her website at  She is also on Facebook as Julie Gribble Music and has pages of videos on You Tube.


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