RSVP’ing My Life

Noted in Nashville RSVP'in My LIfeRSVP’ing My Life

It All piled up on me.  While I blogged, hunched over my computer keyboard, checking and rechecking my stats, It All piled up.

I have been writing my guts out.  Last week I posted six times.  Six!  And none of them were short and sweet little numbers.  I didn’t post a You Tube video of kittens watching the Olympics and write a one-liner like, “Cats urge Gabrielle Douglas to ‘Hang in there, Baby!’ on uneven bars.”  (By the way, does that video exist?  ‘Cause I would totally watch that.)

I’m taking the rest of the week off from blogging to catch up on some things I’ve all but forgotten these past few weeks.  It All needs my attention:

Noted in Nashville It All Needs My Attention

  • R.S.V.P.  (While people still want me to attend things.)
  • Call friends.  (While people still want to hear from me.)
  • Get some vitamin D.  (Not in pill-form.)
  • Write a song with Big D.  (Or finish one of the 100+ songs we’ve started.)
  • Play keyboard.  (The one that makes music; not the one that makes sentences.)

Noted in Nashville Keyboard

  • Sing.  (It’s been so quiet around here.)
  • Finish arranging “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” for my friend’s choir.  (It should have been done weeks ago.)
  • Play with cats.  (I think I still have four around here somewhere.)
  • Take a nap.  (Cats are a bad influence.)
  • Visit my neighbor.  (Real, human contact.)
  • Work on my book.  (While I still remember my characters’ names.)
  • Look around.  (There’s a world outside of my computer screen.  I think.)

Noted in Nashville It All Needs My AttentionI’ll still check my Word Press account daily; I also want to spend this time catching up on your blogs.  I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging next week.  Then, I’ll tell you about It All.

– Anita, Noted in Nashville

Noted in Nashville It All Needs My Attention


4 thoughts on “RSVP’ing My Life

  1. There’s an outdoors? Seriously got a giggle over this post. All of us need to step away from the keyboard once in a while…life intrudes. Cats are a bad influence….so do sneak away and talk to some friends (even though there will be cat complaints about this)

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