Noted this Week of September 30, 2012

Noted in Nashville Weekly.Monday:  My Music City – What Song’s in Your Head?

Wednesday:  My Domestication – My New Favorite Chicken Fajita Marinade

Friday:  My Stories – What’s the Word?


Post by Big D: Soldering Coppers


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Post by Big D: Soldering Coppers It was just last week.  I was helping a friend move.  I kept telling myself “it’s the right thing to do”.  I buried thoughts of my surgically altered knee and two shredded rotator cuffs.  … Continue reading

The Slog of the Blog: Oh yeah Buddy?! Press This!: 10 Signs Your Blog Has Hit the Wall


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The Slog of the Blog:  Oh yeah Buddy?!  Press This!:  10 Signs Your Blog Has Hit the Wall The bread smelled good, but was heavy as a little boulder. Didn’t rise.  Didn’t double in size. The hamburgers had a nice … Continue reading

Face “The Page”: Original Music by Noted in Nashville


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Face “The Page” I’m not gonna lie. It would mean a lot to me if you listened to this song. My song. It would mean even more if you liked it. Not just “liked” it. Liked it. See, the list, … Continue reading

Mom Ratted Me Out


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Mom Ratted Me Out The first time Big D met my mom was in a hospital in Texas.  She had undergone surgery for ovarian cancer – the same cancer from which her mother died before I was born.  The anesthesia … Continue reading

Mom’s Skillet Cornbread: The Only Cornbread for Me


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Mom’s Skillet Cornbread: The Only Cornbread for Me Cornbread is either done really well, or really badly.  It can be a temperamental bread –  turning dry and heavy which no amount of butter in the world can save. Growing up, … Continue reading

Senescence and My Music


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Senescence and My Music Senescence. The state of being old : the process of becoming old. Similar to this song I wrote nearly a decade ago. Senescence. The growth phase in a plant or plant part (as a leaf) from … Continue reading

Kicked the Bucket List


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Kicked the Bucket List Everyone’s heard of a Bucket List.  Before I started this blog, I wrote a Kicked the Bucket List – a string of things in my life that died off.  More accurately, a list of things I … Continue reading