Senescence and My Music

Original Music Noted in NashvilleSenescence and My Music


The state of being old : the process of becoming old.

Similar to this song I wrote nearly a decade ago.


The growth phase in a plant or plant part (as a leaf) from full maturity to death.

Similar to the relationship between the couple in this song.

“Losing My Chances” from my CD This Silly Instrument.  Copyright 2003.

 I’m nearing the point of forgiveness.

You’re nearing the point of goodbye.

We never were good at rehearsing our timing.

How fitting it’s ending this way.

I’m losing my chances today.

I’m planning for dinner tomorrow.

You’re planning to tie up loose ends.

The silver is tarnished; the china is broken.

And yet, I am hoping you’ll stay.

I’m losing my chances today.

I’m wishing I’d told you, “I love you.”

You’re wishing me well for my life.

Perhaps I’ll forbid it; demand that you stay here.

Your spirit would die anyway.

I’m losing my chances today.

I’m losing my lover today.

– Anita, Noted in Nashville

Senescence:  Merriam-Webster.  Definitions retrieved September 17, 2012, from:


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