What Song’s in Your Head?

Noted in Nashville.  What Song's in Your Head?

What Song’s in Your Head?

Couples get into conversational routines – questions so predictable, the recipient can almost always anticipate when they’re coming:

  • “What are you thinking?”
  • “What’s our plan for today?”
  • “You hungry yet?”
  • “Did you lock the door?”
  • “Will you do me a favor?”

Early in our relationship, Big D and I added this question to our repertoire:

“So, what song’s in your head?”

Just to keep things spicy, one of us will turn the question around from time to time:

“Guess what song’s in my head?”

Sometimes the answer is obvious.  I’ve spent the past few weeks finishing up my arrangement and notation of the Christmas carol, “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” for my friend’s choir.  So, of course, my brain has it on automatic replay.  Here’s someone else’s version:

Sometimes a conversation, a commercial, or something I read acts as a springboard for a word.  That word steps forward, gives a bounce, and forward dives into a well-chlorinated (in other words, pop) song.  For example, Big D says, “Ready?”  And I hear this:

And sometimes a song rears its pimple-laden head for no reason at all; giving me a mind swirlie.  (That’s sooo random!)  For example, the other day I was doing dishes and this little number visited without invitation (Click “play” at your own risk.  It’ll stay with ya.):

As Big D says, “More like Pandora’s box.” (Not to take anything away from Christina’s talent.  But I’m a little old for that song.  Who am I kidding?  I was a little old for that song when it was released.)  In those moments, the question becomes this:

“You’re never gonna guess what song is stuck in my head!”

So, I’m curious.  What song’s in your head today?  Tell me all about it below.

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


3 thoughts on “What Song’s in Your Head?

  1. I’ve not played the game of “What Song’s in Your Head?” but I’ll tell you my youngest son is the master of putting earworms in one’s brain. He’ll slip into the kitchen, sing a line from an annoying song, and then prance right on out, leaving me to “play” the song over and over and over again in my brain. 🙂

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