What’s the Word?: 13 of My Favorites

Word Up.  Noted in Nashville.What’s the Word?: 13 of My Favorites

Word up!


It’s like a do-rag for Russian women.  Also used as a term of endearment for “little grandmother.”  Like the Spanish word, “abuelita.”


An unpleasing or abrasive sound (unlike the word describing it).


Obviously wrongful; like the time Reese Bobby gets thrown out of Ricky Bobby’s school for his presentation on Career Day.  “This is egregious!”


Exit.  P.T. Barnum used to display a sign luring people to “See the Egress.”  Thinking it was something spectacular (perhaps an egret?), they followed the sign and found themselves locked out of the building.  It was his solution for customers who sauntered through his exhibits.


Burp.  God bless you.

Word Up!  Noted in Nashville.


Visit my short story below about a guy fitting this description.


Not a follower of Glee.  The ability some of us have to curl up our tongue and shoot spit from underneath.  A talent usually acquired in third grade.


Shallow speech, spoken with ease and minimal effort.  It makes me think of platitudes (another word I love) that people offer during difficult times.  Life goes on.  Tomorrow’s another day.  Everything happens for a reason.  It must be God’s will.


Come back next Friday.  I’ve got a whole post on the subject of Picardy Thirds (not to be confused with Piccadilly thirds – going back for thirds at a Piccadilly).

Word Up!  Noted in Nashville.


Fancy word for coffin.  Mentioned a great deal on the History Channel and PBS.


Done in secret.  I just like to say the word.  Syrup-tish-us.


The proverbial dangling carrot.  The flying pig.  The twelfth of never.

But it also means this:  a phosphorescent light that hovers over swampy ground at night.

I love the sound and image of that.


The views and tastes of a generation.  This includes looking down one’s nose at previous generations.  “You’re sooo old fashioned Babushka!”  (See how I tied that in?!?)

Word Up!  Noted in Nashville.Willo’thewisp:  The American Heritage Dictionary. (1983).  New York, NY:  Dell

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


2 thoughts on “What’s the Word?: 13 of My Favorites

  1. These are great words. I, too, love ‘Babushka.’ Another one of my favorites is more medically related: Idiopathic (disease arising from an unknown cause). It’s a handy word, and I like how it rolls off the tongue. 🙂

    • Serendipitous is another of my favorites, which is what I experienced Friday night when the words “willo’thewisp” and “Babushka” appeared in the movies Big D and I watched.

      I like idiopathic as well. It sounds like an insult, “That’s just idiopathic!”

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