Three for $3: Repurposed Flatware Organizer

Decorating with a Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.Three for $3: Repurposed Flatware Organizer

If you spend any amount of time watching Food Network or HGTV, you know how hot the word “repurposed” is today.

As in:

Chef, I was excited to see you repurpose those gummy vitamins.  So many people would have just diced them into a salad.  But you . . . made a gummy vitamin gastrique?!  Bravo.


So, I took this ugly, beat up motorcycle from my grandfather’s barn – I think it’s called an Indian Chief or something – and repurposed it.  After cutting, welding, and spray-painting the whole thing orange, I transformed it into a high chair.  Now your baby can eat in style.  And it’s mobile too.

I only exaggerate a little.

I love that this idea has caught on; I’ve been doing it for years.  But I’ve always called it “making due,” “using what I’ve got,” “putting lipstick on a pig,” “polishing a turd.,” “being broke.”

Here is a perfect example.  I took my flatware organizer and found three ways to make it perty for $3 each.  It was just sitting there being boring – keeping the spoons separate from the forks.  Yawn.

Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.Idea #1:

Get to know your local Dollar Tree.  A lot can be accomplished with a few dollars and a creative mind in that place.

Gourds – $1 (For the bag at a garage sale)

Moss “Rocks” – $2 ($1 a bag at Dollar Tree.  I used two.)


Baby Gourds – $3 (Usually 5 for $1 at your grocery store.  15 should do it.)Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.
Rocks – $Free (Go on a nature walk.  Use interesting shapes and colors.  I like the look of shale.)

Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.


Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.

Idea #2:

Nature provides so much to work with this time of year.  Decorative things literally fall from the trees.

Leaves – $Free (Gathered on a nature walk.)

Books – $Free (I had these around.  They’re good for reading purposes too.)

Yarn Balls – $Free (Given to me at a garage sale.)

Okay, I lied.  This did not cost me $3, it was free.  But, in case you don’t have yarn balls lying (or rolling) around the house . . .


Yarn Balls – $3 (Purchase a bag of balloons, Elmer’s Glue, and yarn at Dollar General.  Or, get two kinds of yarn and use paper mache glue.)

Here are some links with great decorative yarn ball how-to’s:

Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville._____________________________________________________________________

Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.

Idea #3:

Beans, beans the magical fruit.  The more you decorate with them, the more you . . . save money.

Black Beans – $1

White Beans – $1.30

Tea Candles – $0.70 ($2 for a bag of 30 at most dollar stores.  I used ten here.)

Recipe Cards – $Free (These are what I’ve used since college.)

Biscuit Cutters – $Free (Big D used these since before we were married.)

Alternatives: (For Halloween)

Candy Corn – $2 (Purchase two bags at your dollar store.)

Black Beans – $1

Cookie Cutters – $Free (Use what you have.  Ghosts, pumpkins, and cats would be perfect.)

Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.
Decorating with Flatware Organizer.  Noted in Nashville.Any ideas you’d like to share for this project?  I’d love to hear them.  Organized silverware is so overrated.

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


9 thoughts on “Three for $3: Repurposed Flatware Organizer

  1. So clever! And thank you for teaching me a new word: “repurpose.” Hadn’t heard of that concept before, but I like it. Sadly, I’m not very innovative at these kinds of things. But I’m happy to take advantage of other people’s ideas. 🙂

    • It’s the grassy, twine stuff. (I think that’s the technical term.) These are the only three the cats haven’t un-twined. (Definitely NOT the technical term.)

      Thank you for stopping by. You’ve been really busy lately – a lot of great posts on your blog this week.

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