Oh Dear Lord: New Music by Rick Holman

Oh Dear Lord: New Music by Rick Holman

  • Music & Lyric by Rick Holman, copyright 2011
  • Engineered by Larry Greenhill
  • Guitar & Vocals by Rick Holman
  • Bass by Big D, Noted in Nashville
  • Backup Vocals by Anita, Noted in Nashville

When Big D and I first met Rick Holman, we knew we had made a lifelong friend.  Rick has the kind of self deprecating, homespun humor that gets you smiling like you’re a kid again.  Warm, kind, honest, hardworking – he’s the mythological southern gentleman people read about in books – incarnate.

So, we were honored and surprised when this humble man began to play his original music for us; music he had never played for anyone.  But no one was more surprised than Rick to discover . . . his songs are REALLY GOOD.  We twisted Rick’s arm on a regular basis to convince him that more people would want to hear them.

Rick characterizes “Oh Dear Lord” as “Gospelgrass” which says it all.  After meeting recording engineer Larry Greenhill, who has worked with legends like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Clint Black, we knew Rick’s music was in the best of hands.  Today is Rick’s debut as a (shh, don’t tell him) singer/songwriter.

Interview with Rick Holman.  Noted in Nashville.How does it feel to allow others to hear your music after all these years of being a “secret songwriter”?

Makes me want to get my CD player fixed!!!  I guess it is okay, it’s different. The only thing you can hope for is  that someone likes it other than yourself.

When did you write your first song?

Gosh, years ago. My mother would always tell me to go outside and play. She said it sounded so much better outside – it was more clear outside. I lived on a farm and the animals finally came back a couple of years ago. I guess I was 11 or 12.

How did you learn to play guitar?  How old were you?

My mother knew 3-4 for chords on a guitar. She never knew the names of any of them. I would go to town on Saturday nights to a music /sewing store. The lady that owned the store would sew for people and she also sold guitar picks, strings and some sheet music. I didn’t have the money to buy the music books so I would write down a chord in my hand and go home .  I would keep playing it until I learned it . I was 9 or 10 when I started trying to learn.

Approximately how many songs would you say you’ve written over the years that no one has ever heard?

The Lord only knows and he ain’t telling. I don’t have a clue. I know I have forgotten more than I remember.

Are you beginning to get comfortable with the title “singer/songwriter”?

No and never will be. I don’t and will never consider myself being a singer or songwriter. I am country as cornbread and just like trying to make music. I will never give myself that title no matter what. You have to be good to have a title “singer/ songwriter”.   I don’t want that kind of pressure. I just want to have fun. I want to keep pressure in my tires.

Now that you’ve broken the ice, will you continue to write and record you music?

Why not as long as it keeps climbing on the charts?????  No seriously, it s a lot of fun so why stop. I do like it, so yes I will continue.

Who’s your favorite bass player?  🙂

I would not go near a mic without Big D and Anita.

Who’s your favorite backup singer?  🙂

Anita, she has to bring Big D. I would not do any recording without them. They are too nice to tell me I did bad.

Interview with Rick Holman.  Noted in Nashville.– Anita, Noted in Nashville


5 thoughts on “Oh Dear Lord: New Music by Rick Holman

  1. That song is fantastic! I honestly don’t listen to a lot of country western music, but I loved this one. Played it several times through. Now I’m going to go share it on Twitter. 🙂

    Another one I love is Leonard Cohen’s “Darkness.” Have you heard that song? I think the lyrics are brilliant.

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