What’s Your Blues Name?

Blues Names by Noted in Nashville.What’s Your Blues Name?

Back in September, a fellow blogger was Freshly Pressed for his post about blues music entitled “Song Sung Blue.”  Being a musician, and a big Neil Diamond fan (I know what you’re thinking.  I’m far too young to know his music.  Oh, you weren’t thinking that?), I was drawn to read this essay.

Certain that Big D would enjoy Tinman’s post as well, I read it aloud and asked his advice on leaving a comment.  Now, I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I am continually amazed by my husband’s wit and wordplay.  In fact, as much as I enjoy it when he writes a post for this blog, somewhere not so deep inside me is a green-eyed bungler who knows it may be a little too good.

Anywaysies, here’s what he suggested I send in the comment box:

A blues singer must name himself after an affliction, a fruit, and a president. I.E. “Blind Lemon Jefferson” or “Tone-deaf Huckleberry Bush.”

And here’s the equally fun reply from a blogger called kinetikat:

Hahaha!  That rule should definitely be enforced!  The possibilities are almost endless… how about “Peg-leg Orange Washington” (POW to his friends)?

You have a point kinetikat.  The possibilities are endless.  As stated above, Big D’s inspiration came from the blues singer and guitarist Blind Lemon Jefferson.  We thought everyone should have a chance to participate in this game.

With a few amendments to the rules, here’s how to play:

  1.  First name – Affliction or Attribute.  Please be sensitive.  (Remember Blind Lemon Jefferson was actually blind.)  This is meant to be silly.
  2. Middle name – Fruit or Vegetable.
  3. Last name – President’s last name.  Please be respectful of people’s political convictions.  Again, this is meant to be silly and fun!

We don’t recommend names like Gassy Melon Taft or Rotten Tomato Nixon, but hey, it’s your blues name.  If that’s how you want to be known, that’s what we’ll call you.

So, we’re dying to know.  What’s your blue’s name?  Tell us below.

– Sweet Potato Coolidge (A.K.A. Anita, Noted in Nashville)

– Upset Apple Carter (A.K.A. Big D, Noted in Nashville)


9 thoughts on “What’s Your Blues Name?

  1. Well, none of mine can match Big D’s epic “Upset Apple Carter”, but they do imply my requisite lewdity–Slow Melon Hoover, Nasty Honeydew Johnson(sounds like a Chinese restaurant menu item) and my accidental favorite, Blind Date Kennedy(or for Ted, Drowned Date Kennedy)…highly entertaining blog–more please! 😉 G

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