“Super Turkey” Featuring Lanie Draughon

“Super Turkey” Featuring Lanie Draughon

This is why I still teach.  I may not keep the schedule I used to.  I may never teach 40 students a week again.  But I don’t need that anymore.  The few students I have (and have had these past few years) are a bigger blessing to me than a packed teaching schedule could ever be.

Lanie, Super Turkey High 5Do you see the look of pure joy on my face?  Lanie brings that to everyone who knows her.  She is one of those rare coins people hope to chance upon.  Worth her weight in . . . well, whatever rare coins are made of.  On one side, she is raw talent.  On the flip side, she is sweetness and enthusiasm.  A combo you can’t put a value on.

Lanie's Grade for Me.  Noted in Nashville.

The grade Lanie recently gave me for singing. The grade I give her right back.

This is one of my favorite childhood songs, and I had a great time sharing it with Lanie.  But don’t let this silly little ditty fool you.  Lanie can sing any style of music she likes.  Lucky for us, she likes it all.  Look for her again in the near future.  Big D and I are writing original music for her first demo.

Happy Thanksgiving from Lanie and her (very proud) voice teacher . . .

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


8 thoughts on ““Super Turkey” Featuring Lanie Draughon

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  3. What a perfect video. It’s beautiful to see a teacher & student with that kind of relationship. & what an amazing voice…BOTH of you! You can read & see how proud you are of her which is really sweet! Hi Anita, we are new to your blog by way of mutual blogging friend Carrie Rubin. We’ve been knocking around your blog, watching videos, Austin Powers & taking down Peachy Monkey Bread Recipes. lol. Seriously…forget Pillsbury! The next time your making it let us know & we’ll be by with a trophy as long as we can get a piece. We look forward to stopping by & reading more posts. & by the way, wonderful job Lanie!!

    • Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Carrie’s the best, isn’t she? I’ve learned so much from her as a writer and blogger. Plus, she’s just a heckuva-nice person.

      What a lovely thing to say about our voices, and my teaching. I always tell people that Lanie makes my job easy!

      LOL. Yeah, what does that Pillsbury Doughboy know anyway?! Actually, I can’t help but be happy for the winner. Her recipe looks really good, and she seems like a very nice person. She says that she’s entered before, but not been selected. So … maybe I’ll get ’em next year. 😉


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