Little Dreams & Empty Boxes

Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.Little Dreams & Empty Boxes

I have wanted to do this for a long time.  Inspired by something I saw on (I’d provide the link, but I can’t find it anymore), I have been piecing this project together for over a year.

It’s a little accomplishment, but those are the ones that keep me inspired, growing, and learning . . . and eventually snowball into the big ‘uns.

I bought the cake stand last year for $2.  It was on clearance because it has a small chip missing in one corner.  I bought the wrapping paper at an after-Christmas-sale for $1 a roll.  The striped material was the liner of a dress I no longer wear.  I wrapped books and empty boxes, and tied the project up with twine I already had.  Ribbon would work just as well.

Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.Here’s a tip.  Don’t wrap a book that you or your loved ones might want to read over Christmas break.  And don’t wrap a real present.  You’ll be looking for that box everywhere come Christmas Eve.

Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.I liked the way the centerpiece turned out so much that I put two more similar arrangements together for other places in the house.

Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.Material, wrapping paper, an empty blue box, and ribbon help complete a nice arrangement in the hutch.

Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.An empty box wrapped in paper on bottom, books wrapped with a feather boa, and a small box tied up in red velvet make this arrangement looks like Santa’s hat.

Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.

Holiday Centerpiece.  Noted in Nashville.– Anita, Noted in Nashville


9 thoughts on “Little Dreams & Empty Boxes

  1. What a fabulous idea, and absolutely adorable! Admittedly, I looked at the first few (completed project) pictures then read the story. I at first, though this was your wrapping for a gift for someone. As my mind wondered I thought, “How fabulous, she wrapped baking bans individually like a cake, and put them on the cake platter. What an amazing gift that would be!” I love the empty boxes and centerpiece idea too, just didn’t think of it. 🙂 Great work! ~Lanah

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