Dial In

My You Tube Channel.  Noted in Nashville.Dial In

Before I go any further, I have a bit of business I need to clear up from last week’s post, “Pitch, Pitch, Pitch.”  Jake The Cat would like me to make the record clear that he has never, in all his 9 lives, uttered the word “amazeballs.”

My apologies to Jake for the misconstrued photo.  Okay, on to today’s topic . . .

Below is the newest addition to my You Tube channel.  I have almost run out of songs to post from my first CD “This Silly Instrument,” so I’d better get to a recording studio soon.  Which reminds me . . .

Jake would also like it known that although it may be fashionable to give puppies away at wedding showers, carry dogs in handbags, and dress cats in tutus, he is neither a studio mascot nor a singer’s accessory.  Again, my apologies.

You can see all of my videos at anytime by clicking the picture of me on the left of this blog under the words, “HEAR MY ORIGINAL MUSIC.”  Thanks for listening!

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


6 thoughts on “Dial In

  1. So he doesn’t say “amazeballs,” huh? Hmm, I’m not buying it…

    Gorgeous song. Gorgeous vocals. Loved it. And I’ve subscribed to your You Tube channel. Not sure what took me so long.

      • That’s so sweet of you – for subscribing to my channel and for Tweetering, um Twitting, er Tweeting about it. Yeah, I think I’m gonna have to break down and join soon.

        You made my day! Jake says you’re “totes magotes,” whatever that means. (He’s been watching a lot of Paul Rudd movies lately.)

      • Oh, you know I love Paul Rudd. By the way, my tweet has already been retweeted once. That means somebody else liked your You Tube channel enough to pass it on to their tweeps. See? I’ll have you schooled in Twitter speak in no time.

        By the way, do you watch ‘Happy Endings’? Penny always says ‘Totes’ and ‘Amazeballs’ so I figured you got it from that. Great show.

      • Tweeps? Is that a real word? That’s very cool. Thanks again; you have no idea how encouraging that is.

        I’ve never seen an episode of “Happy Endings.” I’ll have to check it out on Hulu. Speaking of Hulu, Paul Rudd was on “The Daily Show” yesterday which is now up on Hulu. Funny stuff!

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