“Weird Trick” for a Fluffy Omelet

Fluffy Omelet Idea.  Noted in Nashville.1 “Weird Trick” for a Fluffy Omelet

Those 1 Weird Trick adds crack me up.  I’ve never checked one out, partially because I quit looking for magic ways to lose weight or make money in my 20’s; partially because I am not interested in downloading a virus (thank you very much); and partially because I fully expect them to trick or shame me.  “Click here to learn the 1 weird trick to getting more sleep!”  Click.  In the voice of Redd Foxx:  “Go to be earlier, you big dummy!”

This tip really is a little weird, but here’s how the idea unfolded.  I never made an omelet before I met Big D.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I don’t eat breakfast every day.  Maybe because my mom always scrambled or fried my eggs.  Big D is a big breakfast lover, and I learned early that he makes a mean omelet.  (FYI – Few things are as sexy as waking up to a man making breakfast for you; except maybe him cleaning up the mess afterwards.)

One of Big D’s tips for making a good omelet, contrary to what many chefs will tell you, is never never mix milk into your eggs.  Milk separates and makes the eggs slightly runny.  Instead, make a little ice water and pour the cold water (sans ice) into the mixture.  This makes the eggs fluffy and, strangely enough, not watery.

We took this idea a little further just a few months ago.  As an alternative to soda, I like to keep seltzer water in the house, and I began to wonder if cold seltzer water would work in an omelet.  Big D and I often think alike, and before I could mention my idea to him, he presented me with the softest, fluffiest omelet he’d ever made.  Guess what he tried?

Fluffy Omelet Idea.  Noted in Nashville.Here are the tricks to a fluffy omelet every time:

  1. 1 Tbsp. (or a little more) seltzer water per egg.  In the above picture I used four eggs and approximately 4 Tbsp. seltzer water.  Don’t forget to add plenty of salt and seasoning.  Nobody will care how fluffy your omelet is if it’s bland.
  2. Make sure your seltzer water is cold.
  3. Plain seltzer water is best, but we’ve also used lemon/lime.

Now, if you want a trick to making your omelet pretty, you’ll have to ask someone else.  😉

Fluffy Omelet Idea.  Noted in Nashville.– Anita, Noted in Nashville


3 thoughts on ““Weird Trick” for a Fluffy Omelet

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  2. What a clever idea. I’ll have to give it a try, though admittedly, I don’t make omelets much. And if I waited for my husband to make me one, I’d be waiting an eternity…

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