The First Hike of Spring

Poetry by Noted in Nashville.The First Hike of Spring

I am not comfortable writing poetry.  Perhaps the fact that I’m posting this at nearly midnight (my time) on a Friday is proof.  Yes, I write lyrics, but the music seems to tell me what needs sayin’.  When I first started learning to play guitar, Big D said I pressed the strings like a piano player.  I wonder if I write poetry like a songwriter – pressing pen to paper like a song is forming.

If you don’t like this, you can blame these poets for inspiring and darn-near encouraging me to give it a try.  If you like this, you can still blame them.  But whatever you do, be sure and check out their blogs.  They actually know what they’re doing.

The First Hike of Spring

Broken branches and brittle bones
Snapped clean.
Cataractic vision and blazing lungs
Marked Spring.

We descended quick
“Quick!  Quick!
“Leave ‘em there.”
To die.
To rot.
Or “Not.
“Not our care.”

That’s how it came to be that you and I
Were there
To share
The first hike of spring.

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


12 thoughts on “The First Hike of Spring

    • I don’t write it either, so thank you for the compliment. It’s very unnerving to try something new. The benefit is that it took me a lot less time than it would have to write a short story. Lazy! 😉

  1. That’s very sweet of you Anita, to say I ‘know what I’m doing’…. often, I don’t.
    But hey, you write great verse. Please keep at it. In this poem here, I love your brisk, quick-silver lines. Like the good hike you had…:)

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