Wondering in Winterland: Letter to Punxsutawney Phil

103_6794Wondering in Winterland

Dear Phil,

Long-time follower, first-time writer.

What the what, man?  Last week was my “spring” break, and all I managed to accomplish was to catch up on two full seasons of 30 Rock.  Shaking off the disappointment of last week’s weather and determining to plan for Easter, I “emerged reluctantly, but alertly” from my home this morning to find snow on my plants.  (See above photo.)  Blerg!

Here’s the thing.  I spent four years in Southwest FL where I grumbled continuously about the weather.  “I don’t mind summer,” I’d say. “In fact, I love summer.  Just not for 10 months out of the year!”  I’d usually follow with a whine, “I . . . miss . . . the . . . seeeeasons!”  Big D’s ears (Big D is my husband) were bent most by this topic, covered with Groundhog Day-like repetition until the day we moved.

Now he’s starting to ask questions.  “Where are all these seasons I was promised?” he said to me the other day.  And I’ve got to admit, even I can no longer find reasons to defend the long, cold-weather days.  I’m tired of wearing layers, man.  I’m tired of running the heater.  I’m tired of cold toes.  And do you know how hard it is to play piano with cold, stiff fingers?

I realize you don’t make the weather, you only predict it – and everyone makes mistakes.  Please, please just tell me that this job still means something to you after all these years.  We look up to you (figuratively speaking, of course), and we need to know you take this seriously.  Even though winter’s barometric pressure is lower than summer’s, we’re all beginning to crack under it a little.  (I mean, literally crack.  My skin is a nightmare.)

Ever a fan, I still hope to get up to see you on your “big day” one of these years.  I realize you’re taking a lot of heat right now for not bringing the heat, so take good care of yourself.  Watch your back.  And better luck next year watching your shadow!


Wondering in Winterland

– A.K.A. Noted in Nashville


16 thoughts on “Wondering in Winterland: Letter to Punxsutawney Phil

  1. Yes, I woke up to a new snowfall. I was not pleased. Guess I picked a good week to spring clean. It’s not like I want to go outside in this. I’ll sign your letter to Phil with you…

    • I know, “Happy Spring Break to You!” Hope you weren’t planning on getting out your bikini.

      Thanks for the signature. I think I’ve got a lot of takers on that. He’s about to have a riot on his hands.

      Hope you’re enjoying your spring break anyway!

      • Just spent 3 1/2 hours cleaning out all the kitchen cupboards. How is it possible to have accumulated so much junk? But it had to be done. Maybe living on my own in a crappy little sleeping room when I was a college student wasn’t so bad. 😉

      • I know. It seems like however much space you have is exactly how much space gets filled with crap. Mo rooms, mo cleaning. I never manage to leave “room to grow” in my closets and cabinets.

    • Well, “my father was a piano mover, so . . . ” I’ve obviously seen it far too many times. I’m one of those obnoxious people who can quote the movie while watching. It’s just the best!

  2. It is spitting snow here. Cold, gloomy and raining too. I was like you, Anita when I lived somewhere where it was warm and sunny the majority of the time, I got tired of that and thought how nice it would be to be snowy and pretty and go in and light a fire. I’m over that now. OVER. IT. Thanks for speaking for most of us who are SICK of winter. :).

    • I know how you’ve been looking forward to spring! Two weeks ago I was wearing shorts and bragging to my husband about how, “great it feels to walk around the house without socks on!” Now, the birds seem confused, and my cats seen to regret shedding part of their winter coat. I’m like you – simply over it.

      Thanks for stopping by Brigitte. Stay warm. 🙂

  3. Lovely Post! Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors. First time I noticed him was in Coffee and Cigarettes and later I chased all his movies back to back. I picture him when I write satire and it flows real smooth.

  4. Perfect timing on this post Anita, because this very day, I was standing in front of the Parthenon (Nashville, not Athens) admiring the snow pellets on Terri’s black coat. I don’t have to tell you, but isn’t it almost April? Yep, on my way through for a family visit in KY, and on your advice, checked out the Parthenon. And as you said, it’s very impressive indeed. Hopefully, I got some good photos. I have an idea for a post that compares the Athens ruin to the Nashville Replica with photos shot from similar angles. I loved the Athena statue and the exposition photos, and will be doing lots more research for details. Thanks so much for the recommendation and for motivating me to get the hell off the interstate and go see it. ~James

    • I’m so glad you and Terri finally got a chance to see it. I’m only sorry the weather wasn’t nicer. Crazy! Big D says it snowed here on Easter 1978. I hope there’s not a repeat performance this Sunday.

      I love the idea of your comparative post! I look forward to reading it. Enjoy your visit to KY.

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