The Perfect Greek Temple: Right At Home In Nashville

My blogging buddies and globe trekkers James and Terri made a stop in Nashville recently to see our Parthenon reproduction. Check out their comparisons to the original in Athens.


Parthenon side

* * *
This post was inspired by a comment and suggestion made by our new blogging buddy, Anita. She’s the creative spirit and talented singer/songwriter behind the fun,

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12 thoughts on “The Perfect Greek Temple: Right At Home In Nashville

  1. Thanks so much Anita, for reblogging our Parthenon Post. If your Nashville buddies haven’t been, they should hurry over, because it really is unique and great fun to see. ~James & Terri

    • Since you went to college here, you’ve probably seen the one in Nashville a few times. Have you ever seen the original? I haven’t, so I really enjoyed their comparisons. I feel very lucky to have such a thorough reproduction just a few miles away.

    • I’m so glad you checked out their blog, Brigitte. They’ve been everywhere, and each post is interesting, exciting, and full of stunning photos. My “Places to See” list keeps growing. πŸ™‚

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