“Just Too Fine”

Original Music by Noted in Nashville.“Just Too Fine”

I’m a big Randy Newman fan.  I love his weird sense of humor and the unexpected turns his music and lyrics take.  His song “You Can Leave Your Hat On” is simultaneously sexy and silly – a combination few songwriters can successfully pull off.  I’ve mentioned in past posts that his songwriting style has definitely found its way into my music.  No doubt, you’ll hear his influence in “Just Too Fine”.

If you only have time to listen to one of these songs, I’ll certainly understand if you choose Randy’s (found below).  If you decide to listen to both, please play my song first and his second.  I’d hate to follow that guy.

“Just Too Fine”

Words and Music by Me!

I have an announcement and it’s not very fair.
I’ve chosen another love . . . a man with no hair.
And I’m sure it’s a shocker babe, when you look like you do.
Don’t bunch up your Dockers.  You’re just too . . .

Fine, fine, you’re just too fine.

Your smile says you’re not afraid.  You flash me that stare.
It dares me to turn away.  You’d better beware.
And don’t get me started on the cleft of that chin.
It’s perfectly chiseled, and . . .  What’s my point again?

Fine, fine, you’re just too fine.

You’re too fine to hold.
You’re too fine for me.
You’re too fine for you.
You’re just too . . . Oh!

And now for my parting words.  For you they are rare:
‘It’s not you it’s me, my love.’  Don’t fall from that chair.
And don’t waste your last cologne.  I sense those pheromones.
There’s a girl over there; and I know her heart groans,

“Fine, fine, you’re just too fine. . . .”

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


16 thoughts on ““Just Too Fine”

  1. Fantastic song Anita – and your voice is gorgeous! I can definitely hear the Randy Newman influences. I fell in love with his music when we moved to New Orleans and he came out with “Louisiana 1927” and “Every Man a King”- such powerful songs. But “You Can Leave Your Hat On” is one of my all-time faves! Well done! ~Terri

    • Thank you Terri! Isn’t Randy the best? I sang an arrangement of “Short People” with a choir in college. That was a blast. It was even funnier because our director was a tiny woman . . . with huge talent.

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