Straight Trippin’ & Other Contradictions

chainsaw 3

“Norm Abram says, ‘There is no more important safety rule than to wear these – safety glasses.'”

Last week I read a post by my blogging buddy Carrie Rubin entitled, “Am I a Man?”  Per her usual wit, she addressed the subject of stereotypes with a good dose of humor and some great pictures of her comfortable shoe wear.  (Check out her blog here:  She listed 16 reasons why she might be a man which included a dislike for shopping and a taste for beer; and 17 reasons why she might be a woman which included giving birth twice and a taste for chocolate.  This opened a fun interchange in the comment section of her post.

notedinnashville October 14, 2013:

I relate. I’ve always been more of a guy’s girl than a girlie girl too. My masculine features include mowing the lawn (I will also be cutting trees with a chainsaw this week); wine is good, but yes, beer is better; I detest The View and Dr. Phil; I like football. . .

Carrie Rubin October 14, 2013:

. . . I love the image of you taking a chainsaw to your yard! You’re so cute and graceful looking to me (at least in the images I’ve seen of you, combined with your lovely music), that it’s a complete juxtaposition. You have to take a photo of yourself with that chainsaw and put it on your blog please. Pretty, pretty please…

notedinnashville October 14, 2013:

LOL. Okay, you’ve got a deal.

Never let it be said that I am the breaker of a deal – even if it wasn’t sealed with a loogie-soaked handshake.

chainsaw 4

After taking these pictures, I started thinking about that great word Carrie mentioned in our conversation – juxtaposition.  It seems to me that the greatest contrasts are between the ways others see us vs. the ways we see ourselves.  I was so surprised to read the adjective “graceful” used to describe me.  When I mentioned it to Big D, he completely agreed with Carrie and I was flattered, but confused.  How can he see me that way, when – on our first date! – I bumped my head on the movie seat in front of me as I went to pick up my purse?  At the time, he called it endearing.  But, graceful?!?  I think not.

In my mind, I am still that 14-year-old “Amazon woman” my first boss called me when he saw me emptying a 20 gallon bucket of ice by myself.  I am still the kid who can’t round a corner without bumping into it like a pinball into a bumper.  I am still the basketball player who tripped on her own foot on her way to shoot a layup.

Maybe I did all those things with grace and flare. . .

So in honor of juxtapositions and tripping, I am posting a new/old song that is much bouncier than I ordinarily write.  I tend to gravitate towards the serious songs; a contrast to my personality the engineer of my first CD found odd.  “You seem like such a happy person,” he joked, “but your songs are so saaad.”

*Lyrics by Brian Moos. Music and All Vocals by Anita Holt. Copyright 2004.

Thanks, Carrie, for calling me graceful, for reminding me of a great word, and for the inspiration for a new post.

– Anita, Noted in Nashville

So, what do others see in y’all that y’all can’t see?


10 thoughts on “Straight Trippin’ & Other Contradictions

  1. With writing and singing chops like that, you are most certainly graceful. Your voice is like silky smooth chocolate. So pretty. I would snarf up a Christmas CD by you lickety-split. You don’t have one, do you?

    And thank you for the chainsaw photo! That really is a juxtaposition–you with a chainsaw in one frame and singing like an angel in the next. Thanks so much for doing this. What a fun post, and I am touched by the mention. Made my day. 🙂

    • Okay, I’m blushing. 🙂 I only have a CD that I put together for my caroling group. I recorded all the parts, a cappella for a few songs that we performed. I would be happy to mail one to you, but I don’t have anything official. I’ve always wanted to record a Christmas CD, and a CD for babies with lullabies.

      I am always happy to mention you – hoping to send people to your site. You really are the finest example of a blogger that there is, and I feel lucky that you follow my little blog too.

      • Aw, thank you. Now who’s blushing? I would LOVE a copy of your CD if it’s not too much trouble. I’ll make a deal with you–you send me your Christmas CD and I’ll send you a signed copy of my next book (though that might be a couple years given the slow publishing world since I don’t plan on self-publishing it). Or, if you haven’t read ‘The Seneca Scourge’ and would like to, I can send you a copy of that instead. That would be so cool. An exchange of the ‘arts’!

      • That’s a great deal! Would you sign ‘The Seneca Scourge’ for me? If you want to email me the address where you’d like it sent, ( I’ll put the CD in the mail this week. Yay!

  2. Anita, I can see you singing at some old-fashioned kind of stage with one of those big silver microphones. That’s a compliment. I love the bluesy tone in your voice. Now graceful can mean many things, none of which have to do with coordination. ;). I agree with Carrie. I read the post you were referring to and I too have some of those male traits. I once cleared out an entire flower bed and then mowed down a few acres (I’m exaggerating but really) of bushes when I bought a house on my own. I really used to love mowing the lawn. It was therapy. You and that chainsaw. You’re a braver man than I, woman.

    • LOL, that chainsaw did make me a little nervous at first, but then I started getting into wielding all that power. 😉 You should try it. If you’re brave enough to buy your own home and mow down bushes, you’re brave enough for a chainsaw.

      I LOVE that you characterize grace and coordination as two separate things. Brilliant!

      And I was just admiring one of those microphones last week. . .

  3. Anita, you’re my kind of “chainsaw wielding Mama!” I knew we had a lot in common! There’s nothing better than power tools (although I do love a good bow saw, too)! 🙂 One of my proudest days was getting to demo a porch roof off a former house. Sweet!

    Of course you’re also that graceful woman that Big D fell in love with. And that song … and your voice. Ooh la la! Awesome! ~Terri

    • Terri, you demolished a porch roof?! Sounds fun. I’ve been repairing my fence, and kicking the boards off is a lot more fun than putting them back on. 🙂

      Thank you for listening to the song. I can’t wait until we have good recordings of the music Big D and I co-wrote. He’s such a great songwriter, and I want to show him off a little.

      From one “chainsaw wielding Mama” to another, Happy Halloween! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures.

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