Fear Itself: Awareness, Part I


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I wasn’t always afraid to sing or perform in front of others, of course.  Phobias aren’t delivered when we are.  “Congratulations!  It’s a girl . . . with Friggatriskaidekaphobia, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Ablutophobia, so good luck with her first … Continue reading

You Tubular

You Tubular

When You Tube suggested I make a commercial to boost my channel’s ratings, the words “cross promotion” came to mind.  What a brilliant idea they had!  Get more people to view my videos, and lure them over to the blog.  After just a few days of running the commercial, I noticed that my number of You Tube subscribers had jumped up by ten.

And then I got reading glasses.

That number was a little smaller than I originally thought. . .  By nine.

So, the bad news is that my near vision has declined.  But the good news is that my distance vision has improved by a lot since college.  An allegory for life?  Let’s hope so.


And with my long-distance visions in mind, I put together a long-overdue demo of my studio work – a vocal sampler like a box of Valentine’s chocolates.  Please let me know if there are any you’d like to spit out.

P.S.  The first song is a sneak peek (or would that be a near hear?) of our new song, coming soon.

– Anita, Noted in Nashville

Fear Itself: The Play of Down


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A couple of weeks ago – which is like, forever in the world of social media – when Russell Wilson was merely a newbie NFC champion, he asked the advice of four-time “The Big Game” winner Terry Bradshaw. “What do … Continue reading