Irish Soda Bread Success


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I am a wee bit o’ Irish.  I’ve always thought that wee bit was my funny bone.  But the only proof I have is that I find Conan O’Brien’s self-deprecating humor hilarious.  Using that logic, I’m a wee bit Jewish too because I love Jon Stewart.  So, so much for humor.

Yesterday I decided that perhaps the Irish bits of me are my taste buds.  Then again, the German portion of my tongue surely doesn’t shy from potatoes, cabbage, and beer.  So, so much for taste buds.

Last year it was my ire that was a bit Irish when I failed miserably at making soda bread.  As the judge of Cupcake Wars would say, it turned out ” much too danse.”  Too dense.  Like a rock, really.  Because of that epic fail, I was reluctant to try my hand at Irish soda bread again yesterday.  But then I stumbled across a recipe from a blogger entitled, “Deacon Greg Calls it ‘The Best’ Irish Soda Bread Recipe,” and I had a good feeling about it.  I decided to give it another shot.  After all, what’s Irish stew without some soda bread to dip into it?

All I can say is that Deacon Greg did not lie.  This.  Bread.  Is.  Amazing.

Amazing, I tell ya!

Irish Soda Bread 1It’s been a long time since I posted a recipe, and I’m not officially posting one today either.  Instead, I’d like to direct you to Elizabeth Scalia’s website where she shares her mother-in-law’s recipe here.

My only tips are these:

  • As soon as it’s out of the oven, slice, and get some butter on those babies.
  • I added a little under a cup of sugar because I had no raisins or cranberries.  I honestly didn’t miss them.
  • For some reason, it only took my oven 1 hr. to cook through.  Keep an open eye (and nose) for when your bread is done.  You don’t want to burn this beauty!

Thank you Ms. Scalia for sharing this recipe and restoring my faith in this bread.

I got some of my Irish heritage from my red-headed mother, and she was a terrific baker.  This recipe reminds me a little of her cornbread recipe.  So, perhaps the baker in me is the Irish bit.

May the luck of the Irish enfold you today, and every day.


Speaking of things I love. . . Check out this site. It’s full of beautiful vintage images – all free!

– Anita, Noted in Nashville


14 thoughts on “Irish Soda Bread Success

  1. I’ve never heard of Irish Soda Bread. I’m sure it’s yummy (I’d leave out the raisins and cranberries, too). Maybe next time, you’ll have to add some green food coloring? 😉

  2. Happy St. Paddy’s Day Anita – this looks terrific. And eating it straight out of the oven with some butter has to be the way to go. Plus it should sop up the delicious gravy from a good Guinness Irish Stew! 🙂 ~Terri

  3. No,no,no Anita…don’t let Carrie talk you out of the Raisins & cranberries. They make everything better!! lol. Sorry Carrie!! Loved this post Anita, so we’re sharing now as best St. Paddy’s Day Post Goes to you!! & Happy St. Patricks Day!!! 😉

    • Ha, ha. That Carrie does NOT like cranberries, does she?

      It was a good St. Paddy’s Day. I didn’t get pinched once. 🙂 And I had leftover bread which makes me happy! I might try it with craisins sometime – get the best of both worlds.

    • I think he’ll really enjoy this recipe. By the way, I haven’t updated this post yet, but if he has any leftovers, this bread makes TERRIFIC French toast . . . and I’m not even a wee bit French. 🙂

      • Good tip! And I’m plenty French, according to my family tree. Well, 25%, and I think that’s more than anything else. I’m a well-blended Canadian. 😉

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