Irish Soda Bread Success


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I am a wee bit o’ Irish.  I’ve always thought that wee bit was my funny bone.  But the only proof I have is that I find Conan O’Brien’s self-deprecating humor hilarious.  Using that logic, I’m … Continue reading

I’m Not Bitter, I’m Peachy


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Pinch a Peachy Monkey Bread I’m Not Bitter, I’m Peachy This month, Pillsbury will announce the winner of their 46th annual contest.  First prize? Yeah, what she said. Second prize?  Who cares; and let me get straight to the point … Continue reading

J.S. Bachlava Cinnamon Rolls


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Big D’s J.S. Bachlava Cinnamon Rolls They’re Fugue ‘n Awesome! Big D has done it again!  His Variation on a Theme of Baklava is a sensation.  The reviews are in: Fugue – In music, a fugue (pron.: /ˈfjuːɡ/ FEWG) is a … Continue reading

Mom’s Skillet Cornbread: The Only Cornbread for Me


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Mom’s Skillet Cornbread: The Only Cornbread for Me Cornbread is either done really well, or really badly.  It can be a temperamental bread –  turning dry and heavy which no amount of butter in the world can save. Growing up, … Continue reading