Anita, Noted in Nashville.

Anita is a Texas-born singer/songwriter with a voice as warm as her smile.  She has rarely met a style of music that she didn’t like; and her original music hints of her experience in jazz, pop, country, opera, gospel, blues, music theatre, and choral music.

Anita earned a Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in Music Theatre from the University of Texas at Arlington.

She began piano lessons at the age of five, voice lessons in the fourth grade, and has been teaching both piano and voice for nearly 18 years.

Active in the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene until her move to Nashville, some of her credits include performances with the Fort Worth Opera, Lyric Stage, Johnny High Country Music Revue, Creative Arts Theatre & School, UTA Jazz Ensemble, Texas All-State Choir, and she performed at Carnegie Hall with the Richland College Select Choir.  In 2003 she recorded her first CD entitled “This Silly Instrument” comprised of all original music.  In 2004 a single from the album was chosen as a finalist in the Austin Songwriters Group songwriting competition.

One of her most cherished honors is being the second-ever Paula Kaye Evans Memorial Scholarship recipient.  She keeps the taped message of congratulations from Reba McEntire on hand for the occasional pep talk and reminder of her musical goals.

In 2005 Anita met and married her favorite guitar player, songwriting partner, and person.  In 2007 they moved to and spent four years in Southwest Florida where Anita developed a thicker skin, and a professional A cappella caroling group.  This group provided an outlet for harmonies and vocal arranging that Anita had been missing since her college days.

She and her husband are thrilled to be back in the Nashville area surrounded by talented songwriters, producers, and musicians of all genres.

Anita’s You Tube Channel:

My Music 1v


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